An Electronic Mind.

Born in the south of France, Alkama grew up under the influence of an oldschool electro LP called "Onyx" (produced by "Space Art"): from 4 to 10yo, this 12'' brought him terrible anguish crisis and evil nightmares. But fascinated as he was, he couldn't help playing it. This first and distressful encounter with electronic music shaped his whole life...

Soon, he was studying the piano, saxophone and harmony and began triturating an Amiga500, coding some realtime computergraphics in assembler and tracking music. Later in his teen age, he discovered the joys of homestudio gears and midi composing. He ended joining a digital art movement called "demoscene" [1].

In 1998, while studying computerscience in Montpellier, he met Olivier M (half of The Youngsters, aka Rodriguez Jr). A longlasting friendship was born. They shared a lot of electronic music influences and dived into the techno music, especially digging the detroit and chicago sounds. They coproduced a bunch of tracks under the "Alkama & Mo" moniker.

After graduating from an engineer school in 2003, Alkama moved to Paris.