Atomic Peanuts.

Fresh Peanuts.

The both Atomic Peanuts's members felt into the music when they were kids.

Little boy, Oversky learns piano and have his first computer at 6 years old. He early composes and makes his first electronic sounds with an Amiga 500. By dint of work and passion, he builds up a professional studio and signs on Big Cheese Records.

While meeting Oversky she discovers the electronic music. The Shokaboku Serie and the Roulé vyniles fall over her. So she changes her branches but never forgets her roots. Engaged, minimalist or dance-floor, from each Karin's emotion born a text, mainly for there duets, but for others artists whom she lends her voice too.

Both, they play techno lives and radio host. Their respective classic music base being already there, they compose lots of down-tempo and movie tracks under Twice. At the same time, they prepare their first maxi in the electro pop genre under the name of Atomic Peanuts.